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When great grandfather bought our first moving van back in 1946, we didn’t know that Piano moving and Pool Table moving in Perth would become a family passion… but it has! We’re movers dedicated to managing delicate and awkward items through heavy removals. Our team brings 4 generations of experience and care to every move. Simply put, our family moves your family, just like you’re our family!

Piano removalists perth

Piano Removals Perth

Perth piano movers are the most trusted and experienced company, with an outstanding reputation in the industry. We have 50+ years of experience in moving pianos. We understand that these are often delicate and expensive instruments. Thereby, our team have been trained in how to handle them with the greatest of care. Perth’s specialist Piano Movers take precision, care and expertise to get right. Your precious piano is too valuable to risk to a half-baked job by just another removalist. We have 50+ years of experience in Piano moving right here in Perth. We are proud to have an outstanding reputation for quickly and safely moving pianos even in challenging moves! We have experience moving everything from small upright pianos & digital pianos, right through the grand pianos, baby grands and concert pianos

Perth Piano Storage

We’ve provided storage for plenty of Pianos, and we’ve also stored spas, sculptures, play equipment, and a bunch of other bulky, heavy, or delicate items for our customers. You can store with us for just a few days, or for several months – just what you need to make your life easier. For temporary storage of a few days or a few months, trust your bulky, heavy, or delicate items to our experienced moving and storage team. You can rest assured that your items are safely packed and padded at all times when they are in our care, in our secure facility. So let us lighten your load – call us today and get your stuff in storage.

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