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Perth Piano Removalists

Perth Piano Movers are by far the most trusted and experienced piano moving company in Perth. We are 4th generation piano movers, a father and son team with over 50 years of experience.

Some of the services we offer

  • Grand pianos ~ Uprights ~ Pianolas ~ Digital ~ Organs
  • Difficult access ~ stairs ~ lift ~ crane work
  • Storage ~ long term and short term, no lock-in contracts, monthly billing
  • Crating and specialist packing/wrapping
  • Interstate moves
  • A two-man highly experienced team on all jobs. More if needed.

Our coordinator and office manager  – Amy –  is here to answer any questions you have and make sure your piano is moved with the minimum of fuss. 

Piano removalists perth
Piano Storage in perth

Piano Storage Perth

We offer short term and long term storage. Billed monthly so no lock-in contracts. So if you need to store the piano safely for a few days while in transit or store it for years we can accommodate either.   

Your piano is stored safely, completely wrapped in padding and stored separately. No damages and reduces exposure to temperature changes. 

If required, we can box/crate your piano which offers even greater peace of mind. A photo and inventory/receipt will be given prior to pick up.  Our service is second to none.

Perth Piano Movers

Butch (father) and Brad (son) have been in the removals industry, specialising in pianos, all their lives. Inheriting the business from their father and grandfather. 4
th Generation. 

The name of the business may have changed over the years but the high level of skills, expertise and experience hasn’t.  Butch and Brad have done everything from local moves,
interstate and international moving.

They have and, can pack, box, wrap and crate pianos, grand pianos and anything else.

If you’re still not 100% sure, give us a call on 0477395540 and we can discuss your piano moving needs today!

Our Services 

  • Piano Moves
  • Storage – Short & Long Term
  • Crating and Boxing
  • Interstate Piano Relocations
  • Difficult Access Lift and Crane Work


We are available six days a week and are here to help you get the job done when you need it. Call us
today, our office coordinators are more than happy to help you out !

Strong team 

Not only do we have the muscle and expertise needed to move your important possessions, but we also take great pride in upholding the reputation of our family owned business. When it comes to moving, we have specialised equipment to maneuver 
through tight spaces, up stairs, and over balconies. We’ve done it all, and we’ve got you covered.

 Our Coverage Areas

  • North To Yanchep Area
  • East to the Hills
  • South to Dawesville Area
Alan - Piano Removalist, Business Owner
Brad - Our Piano removals specialist

Meet The Movers

Butch took over the business from his father after returning from a short stint in the Army. The business was in his blood as he was brought up around trucks and removals (pianos) with his father, uncle and grandfather.

Now brad with his own family is taking on the business. He too tagged along from the moment he was old enough to sit in a truck.  

It’s what we know and we do it well !!

Special Equipment 

Our Perth Piano Removalists use a variety of specialised equipment to move pianos.
Trolleys and dollys are personally made by Butch & Brad to specifically move pianos with ease and safety.

Years of moving pianos mean our tools of trade need to be specific and purposeful to allow efficient and easy moving while ensuring pianos, floors and stairs are taken care of and manoeuvred safely. We have access to quality lifts and cranes to assist with difficult access that is safe and serviced regularly. 

Our vehicle is a late model
Mercedes Sprinter Van equipped with a tail lift, trolleys, ramps, packing and other specialised equipment needed to move any piano safely and efficiently

Insurance covered with all our piano moves

Why our Insurance Protection is needed?

Perth Piano Movers has your piano covered. We include insurance protection in all our prices for moving pianos. 

Even though we are professionals and highly experienced we understand that insurance is a necessity in our business. Not only does it make sense to cover against mishaps but gives our customers peace of mind that the extra protection is there. 

For ease of mind please feel free to ask us about our cover, it will put you at ease to know you are dealing with professional piano removalists that take that extra care to provide the protection to put you at ease. 

Why choose our Piano Removalists Service in Perth?

Perth Piano Movers predominately move pianos as our busiest and most specialised service. Our staff have 50+ years experience and expertise in moving all types of pianos; including upright, grand pianos and baby grand pianos. We strongly urge you to reconsider using a generic removal company and amateurs to move your piano as they often do not have the correct knowledge, skills and equipment to transport your valued instrument safely and damage-free. We ask you to consider carefully who has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to do a proper job.

Piano Movers Perth speciality

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for moving a piano starts at about $200. It is dependent on the type (upright, grand pianola) and access such as steps, stairs and balconies. Rule of thumb is we use piano dollys especially made to move pianos, if we cant roll the piano on the dolly, where its lifted carried strapped or other, extra charges may apply.

Not recommended as the hammers may move on older type pianos but otherwise there is no reason a piano should go on its back. Grand pianos are always moved on their side and stored that way too. Upright pianos are some times moved on their side to get around tight corners and passageways. Putting them on their side is no real issue either.

The weight of piano can vary. Upright pianos can weigh between 200kgs and 250kgs. Pianolas can be as heavy as 290 kgs., grand pianos can weigh between 250kgs and 350 kgs. Full concert grands can be even heavier.

Moving a piano doesn’t usually mean the piano needs tuning. Reasons for tuning a piano is, should be tuned about once a year, change of environment (heat, cold, humidity). New pianos should be tuned more often as strings and other components stretch early in its life.

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